FUNdraisers & More

FUNdraisers & More

If your parish has a ministry that this would fit into, we’d love to hear about it.  At one parish in Littleton, their small faith communities each donate a basket that they prepare as a group and those are the baskets we generally auction off in our Silent Auction.

We are always looking for beautiful gifts for our priests and will accept donations towards that end.

In the event there are funds left over after reconciling expenses for the Event, those funds are then donated to the local Catholic radio station.  This year any overage will go to Catholic Radio Network, KFEL 970AM, which broadcasts south from Monument  to Pueblo.

Somehow it always works out that every Priest, every Transitional Deacon (4th year Seminarians), and every Bishop who attends is gifted with a new suit.  Last year we gave VISA gift cards to priests who had attended in the prior two years and had received their choice of suits or coats.  This year and all years going forward, we will be giving them their choice of a suit, raincoat or all-weather coat, VISA gift card or a Chasuble.

On behalf of the Priests of the Dioceses of Colorado Springs and Pueblo and the Archdiocese of Denver, we thank you for the love and support you show our clergy through your support of this effort.  The Volunteers and Staff at Catholic Radio Network wish to thank you as well because we know without dedicated men and women such as yourselves, it would not be possible.

Jim and Carolyn O’Laughlin, Catholic Radio Network

Priest and Seminarian Appreciation Day